Volkmar Gamlxltoe is one of the Heroes, and is the Lunar knight for the Lunar Sayara.


Volkmar Gamlxltoe has silver hair, a dark goatee and facial hair fair skin, and blue eyes. His outfit consist of a black trench coat, a tunic with a chestplae over it, dark pants, and metal boots. His most noticalbe item he wears is his gambler's hat. On his left pectoral, he has a birthmark of a double crescent moon, one ontop of another, but they curve in the opposite direction, making a backward S shape.

After the Darkside of the Moon Arc, Volkmar's trench coat is missing it's right sleeve, and his arm is wrapped from his fingers to his shoulder, hiding his Devil arm.


Volkmar is normally stubborn man, who just follow his own path. Volkmar hates it when someone else tries to manipulate him into doing something for them, such as Elexa forcing Volkmar to use his Dark Moon power. He is very prideful, as he believe in his ability and will never back down from a fight. He doesn't form relationships that well with people. Volkmar likes fighting because it helps him train for his true goal; revenge to Xiza Tyrant.


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Volkmar doesn't have much in equipment, but he does have his charished hat. How he obtain the hat has yet to be revealed but he hold the hat in high regards as it is his most prized item that he has.

Power and AblilitesEdit

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Volkmar is an excellent cook.