The Sumatas XIII were a powerful group of people who were comprised of the rulers of Allorum (excluding Crepusculum) and theri leader, Trucido Damnedblood. Their original goal was believed to that they were going to take over Earth and enslave the people of both planets, but it is later reveal that their true plan was to invade the Heavens, kill the All-God, and destroy the universe, so that a new universe could be made with them being the gods. They were the main antagonist for the Sumatas Arc.

History and OriginsEdit

When Trucido was exiled from Heaven and sent to hell to suffer forever, something happened, and Trucido landed in the ocean hear Vuoto. Realizing what had happen, Trucido quickly started to put a plan of revenage and how to complete his orginal plan to kill the All-God.

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Members Rank Status
Trucido Damnedblood Sumatas Leader Deseased
Xiza Tyrmond Ketulunanox Leader Alive
Zelos Shinigami-Mezmillion Guasto Leader Secessed
Elexa B'Shera Nerezza Leader Secessed
Celtik B. Donnorlupo Tuono Leader Deseased
Lilith Alberisato Leader "Deseased"
Night Warspawn Chalybs Leader Deseased and Replace
Bradley Frexton IV Santo-Luce Leader Deseased and Replace
Selina Baumon Ghiaccio Leader Deseased
Scarth Vandeel Ariadelvento Leader Deseased
Suisei Fukaku Unda Leader "Deseased"
Onyx Volkanon Ingis Leader Deseased
Seigmand Dezmar Roccia Leader Deseased
Maliceferum Sumatas "Deseased"
Taggert Sostenuto Sumatas Deseased
Senera Heracroix Chalybs Leaser Deseased
Alexander Frexton Santo-Luce Leader Secessed