Profeta, the Heavenly Seer

The Heavenly Seer, Profeta was the Leader of the Heroes and the younger sister of Trucido Damnedblood.


Profeta looks like she is in her late 20s and early 30s, even though she has no age. She has pale green eyes and long blonde hair. She wears a white dress and a transparent veil, transparent scarf, golden bracelet, and a white metallic ring. When she goes into archangel mode, she looks the same, but she has grow 6 petal-like rose color wings.


She is a very kind and caring person. She always tries to help out anyone in need, even if she has never met them before. She does have a tendancy of acting very motherly-like to any young childern.


  • Profeta's Umbrella- Profeta has a small umbrella that she carries whenever she leaves her caves, because it is able to cloak her bliss level, and hide herself from Trucido. The umbrella has an goldish color with an ivory handle. At the bottem of the hand, is a crystalized ball that shines.
  • Profeta's Sword - Within the umbrella, Profeta hides her sword. It is a small one handed sword, that is often confused with a dagger, and the handguard is that of a rose. The blade is a double edge blade, and according to Trucido, it has the able to amplify one's magic, but forge to let Profeta protect herself from anyone attacking her.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Profeta is an expert magic caster, however she rarely if at all, uses it for attacking. She is an expert healer, being able to heal almost any wound, and cure almost any aliment. However if she must fight, she mainly use light spells or spells to disable her enemies from being able to fight. She also can cast barriers to protect herself. Profeta also has basic skills with a sword but she uses the sword to defend herself from close combat.

Her greatest ability is her ability of forsight. She can see into the future, from .25 of a second til millions of years into the future. When she is awake, and fighting someone, she has to stand still to use her ability, so when she is fighting someone, she can use it quickly, so she can avoid any dangerous attacks. Her ability is strongest when she is asleep, because her mind is clear of everything else. She sees the future of everything, and she can see how one event can lead to another, seeing how she can help someone to have a more positive outcome than a negative one. She can see this as like as a points of intrest, and strings from those connect to different endings, then she can touch the link to see what has to happen. However, she cannot tell person how to do it, because if they knew that, then it will mess up the link and the ending will be negative. This also mean that Profeta has never had a dream.