Herba Maliciferum, or better known as Malice, is a former hero, and a former Sumatas member.


Malice is five foot and eight inches tall and he is well toned.
Malice by Herba Maliciferum

Herba Maliciferum

His black hair covers his right eye and part of his face. His clothes is made up completly of plants and it takes the form of a satin ballgown, and the v-neck cut goes down past his bellybutton, revealing his chest and stomach. He wears knee high boots that can have throns at the ready. HIs gloves are appeared as talons.


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Powers and AbilitesEdit

Malice has the ability to manipulate living and dead plant matter. He can also create seeds from his own body, not to grow a copy of himself, but these seeds can be grown into whatever plant Malice can imagine. Malice specializes in toxic flora, and will incapacitate his opponent with various neurotoxins, before subjecting them to a slow and agonizing death. Malice prepares himself for battle by growing vines around his body into a protective suit. This "suit" thus far has withstood bullets, fire, ice, and even the sharpest of enchanted arrows. Malice tends to only use his power in battle, but when faced against an opponent that uses magic, Malice will use vine whips to prey on the weak defenses of magic wielders. Malice's weakness seems to be, ironically, too much sunlight Malice also appears to have the power of time, however how much is unknown.


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