Ludro "Ace" Gamblington is the 1st Captain of Nerezza.


Ludro hair is pale blonde short hair, has a goatee, and he has blue eyes, and he has multipe earrings. He wears a cloak over his clothes, which consist of a button shirt, half red, and half black, with matching pants. He has a Since Ludro is a Dhampir, when he goes into feeding mode, his eyes turn a solid white color, and his canine fangs on the top and bottom of his jaw grow out, the tops more extreme.


Ludro is a very loyal person to Elexa, doing tasks to help out her goals, without a question. However, when he isn't doing work, he likes to go drinking with Lana Princel,playing games and gambles. Ludro is also a big drinker and is a player of the women


Ludro had a standard home in the the Nerezza countryside. He was raised by his mom, and his step-father. When Ludro's mom was blessed with her next child, she didn't want her next child be a vampire or a dhampir. So she took a trip to Santo-Luce, to get her baby blessed. When She return home, the priest who performed the ritual, called a group of Vampire hunters to track her down, and saved the child, as he feared that woman would give birth to the child, so that she could eat the newborn.

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