Kain Angelo is the leader of the Saints and the god 'Odin'. 


Kain and his twin brother, Duo, was born in a small village located in the region of Wild Unda. When they were about six years old their village was attacked by a group of bandits, resulting in the death of nearly every villager - including their mother.

Kain's eyes were badly damanged during the attack, which made his brother 'trade' eyes with his wounded brother. This left Kain was dark demonic eyes and Duo with white, dead looking eyes.

After the attack they wondered around for awhile until they found themselves on a boat to Fidels, a city of great wealth. But a city for two lost boys it was not, they spent about a year surviving on scraps before they made their way back to Wild Unda. They came across a large town that welcomed the lost boys into the community 

They lived their lives in that town, eventually building their own house on top of a hill not too far from the village. They lived there until they were teens until their village was threatened by the Church's soldiers.

The Church of Central Unda wished to unite Unda under their rule, slaughtering anyone who didn't agree with their views. Kain, Duo and the Village Elder tried to talk to the troops to spare the village. But when the Elder grew fearful and told the general that the villagers think of Kain and Duo as 'gods' the troops attempted to kill the two brothers.

Kain and Duo fled the onslaught of soldiers but the village was completely destroyed. This sparked an anger within the two brothers and they began to raise a proper force, uniting all the islands to form a very powerful army. They fought this war for nine months.

On the eve of a massive celebration Kain and Duo managed to slip in thousands of soldiers into the capitol and in one swift movement they toppled the Church and Central Unda's puppet Monarchy. Kain and Duo soon became the leaders of the Republic of Central and Wild Unda.


Kain draws his powers from many sources:

Eyes: His eyes allow him to copy powers but on a much weaker level, it also allows him to see your past memories.

Mani Kattie: This legendary blade is the main focus of his powers. It allows him to make quick, almost unseeable attacks.

Odin: Odin is Kain's true form, his god form. Lightning is his main power, when he is in this form he is nearly unstoppable.