Ingis is the kingdom of Fire and Lava. Considered the hottest place on the planet, because of the sun, fires will start in some grass fields. The plants have adapted to that, and must have fire to produce fruit. There are also a lot of active volcanoes, that even have made an atoll, on which a large city grew on, but because of the volcanoes, the original Castle was reduced by to a single tower.


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There are 5 famous Location in Ingis:

Fira Tower-A tower where the rulers live. It is the last part of the former castle that used to stand here. The rest of the castle was destroy by a large volcano 300 years ago.

ArdeoCity- The city that is under the watchful gaze of the Fira Tower. The city has a magma fountain, and has a health spa, with a field of springs.

Burning Forest- The forest that will never stop burning, because that is how the trees here grow. The top of the forest is on fire, while the bottom is surprisingly cool.

Flame Swamp-A swamp where magma flows, instead of water. For some odd reason, the animals here are a lot more vicious, and are larger than the same animal at a different kingdom. Watch where you step, because fire will spew from the ground at random holes in the ground.

Master Volcano Atoll- an Atoll that is made out of a dead Volcano. The Atoll is spilt into two sides; The western side is all one large city,


Sumatas ArcEdit

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