Ghiaccio, the kingdom of Ice. A land where the only city was wiped of its people. There are small villages on the edge of the world. The serve cold, wild beasts, and rough terrain makes this place a hard place to live.


500 years before the Start of the Sumatas arc, Ghiaccio was hit with a plauge that was killing the citizens. To save the youngest member of the royal bloodline, the rules encased Kara Samsra in ice perserving her age and youth.


Most of the kingdom is covered in a permafrost, having the land encased in snow and ice. Some of the lower land have forests.


There are 5 famous locations in Ghiaccio:

Brina Palace- A palace that glimmers in the sunlight, like ice. Although it looks like the outside is made ice, it is covered in ice. The walls are white, and makes it hard to see the walls behind the layer of ice.

Bloccaretown-The Capital of this harsh lands. No one have lived in this town in over 500 years. A plaque came and wiped everyone out. Before the plague, it is written that it was a perfect city that was prosperous.

Pessumdare-A fishing town that had a proud history, but they had upset a god, they were slam with a powerful storm. After that, the town became an awful place to live, where crime now rule.

Senza Field- A field of plants, that are coated in ice most of the time, and where the Ghiaccioions would train their army. Beast here are vicious, hence why they trained here, but since the plague, no one visits here that often. One plant that is a favorite for couples is the Icy Rose.

Gletscher Range- A range of glaciers that are so big that people thought that they were mountains. There is a small passage that connects the two major cities, in here, but it is advise to use a boat instead of using the passage, because of violent storms, and sudden avalanches, makes the passage a dangerous, and unusable most of the time.


Sumatas ArcEdit

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Saints ArcEdit

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Important PeopleEdit

Selina Baumon-Current Ruler of Ghiaccio- Sumatas XIII
Kara Samsra- Hero
Gensayce Zidijiai- Hero
Zeek Mizu
Sonorc Optimus- Saint