Earth, the planet of technology. This planet is link with the planet of Magic, Allorum. Some of the heroes come from this planet, and are normally retrieve by Yeligar Maelstrom.


There are 7 continents on Earth:

North America
South America


Sumata ArcEdit

Yeligar got a handful of heroes that Profeta saw that was going to help to stop Trucido's plan on Earth. He left and got Andramir Armenienton, Andy Jammer, Angelus, and Kouji, and took them to Allorum to meet Profeta. Angelus found Kouichi and took him to Allorum. A few months later, The Sumatas XIII created a portal and invaded in Flordia, to find relics. Most of the heroes were sent to Earth, but on the other side of the planet, in Japan. The two forces met in Canada, where Trucido got the relics that were located there. Killer 7 shot Trucido as he was making a portal, and creating a vacuum, sending heroes and Sumatas all over the world. The Sumatas and the Heroes that were located near each other, then engage in battle. After a while, and finding more relics, Trucido opened the portal, and everyone was located in Russia, where the last known located relics were. However, the relics was a prize for a dance contest, and the Sumatas XIII and the Heroes would have to dance to win it, but Scarth Vandeel stole it when he was up to dance. While in Russia, Trucido, Kouichi, Kouji, and Yeligar met Celestia Angelina Chère and she had join the Heroes. After the dance, the heroes and Sumatas XIII return to Allorum.

Saint ArcEdit

Nothing as of yet.

Important PeopleEdit

Andramir Armenienton
Andy Jammer

Donovan Siroaki
Grey Highlander
Killer 7
Mark Angelus Fri
Zeke Omoihake