Crepusculum, the kingdom of the Twilight. A land blessed in twilight, the day sky has an orangeish tint, and during the night has a blue-ish tint. It has mountains at its border and a large lake.It also acts like a barrier for Santo-Luce, and Nerezza.


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The kingdom is stuck in the two rare phenomena on Allorum, The eternal darkness of Nerezza, and the sunshine from Santo-Luce. Because of this, it forces Crepusculum to be in a state of Twilight. The kingdom has a natural barrier because of the Shade mountains. The kingdom countryside is avast field of grass and trees in a neverending twilight, with a small town here and there.


There are 5 famous locations in Crepusculum:

TwilightCastle-The castle of the Crepusculum kingdom. It has a large throne room, and is famous for the Dämmerung Royal ball and for the world's largest library. It is located in the grand city of Nachtundtag.

Naghtundtag- The capital city of Crepusculum Kingdom. A peaceful yet busy city, that has some amazing architecture. Being a castle town, it is surrounded by a huge, impenetrable wall.

Shade Mountains- A mountain range that, when looking western, It is black, but when you look to the east, they appear white. This is because of the locations and the rocks are effected by Santo-Luce, and Nerezza.

Profeta's Cave- A cave where Profeta lives, and Yeligar brings the Heroes to see if they are worthy. She also uses it for a meeting spot, if there is something urgent, that must be discussed.

Shimmering Lake- Alake that the sun always hits it and makes it shimmer and gives it a golden color during the day. The water is clear when not in the light, but it still got the nickname of the 'lake of gold.'


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