Chalybs, the kingdom of steel. They are the most advance in the art of combat, they live on metal platforms out in the oceans. They also own a large mine on the edge of Roccia.


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There are 10 metal
platforms that is under Chalybs' rule. The vary in size, but all of them have towers, at the top, and the island on which they stand on, is used for farming. Since farm land is so rare, vegetables are noramlly imported, along with a lot of stuff. Because of this, beasts can get freed, and run loose in the cities.


There are 5 famous location in Chalybs:

Steel Fortress- A Fortress that is made out of solid steel, Impassable anywhere, except in through the Metal gate. Invading armies will always have a hard time to invade, since that is the only way to enter the city, but it is also the city's greatest weakness, since that is the only way to get any war ship out.

Bronzo Skyscraper- A tall bronze tower, that looks like a skyscraper on Earth. When Night ruled the kingdom, he destroyed the 2 middle floors because of a fly was annoying him, so he gave chase.

Metalpolis- The 3rd largest city in the world. Very sociable here, and they have an arena here for weekly prisoner combat, in which the entire city watch as prisoners fight to the death. It is one of the only very few thing legal events here, because the law is extremely tight around here.

Metal Mines- The only spot that is on land, which was an island in the corner of the kingdom. They are deep mines filled with different kinds of metal, This Island was rumored to have a tower of gold on it, but it was either a myth or was salvage, for money.

Forsaken City- A city where everyone has abandon there, because it has become overrun by monsters about 30 years ago, by an unknown reason, since while beast are rare here. The city's original name was Eisen


Sumatas ArcEdit

Saints ArcEdit

In the Thread, "Shard Searching" Bart, Ineria, Nia, A.B.A. and Van were in Metalpolis, looking for a shard, to rise the Tower of Salvation. After a struggling with the map, they finally found the shard at a mechant's stand. Nia and Ineria made a scene, while A.B.A. removed the vendor, and Bart took the shard. Van then teleported everyone out, and moved them to Shimmering Lake.

Important PeopleEdit

Night Warspawn- Former Ruler of Chalybs
Alekski Vadim- Current Ruler of Chalybs
Everto Ferox- Saint Number 4