Andy Jammer

Andy Jammer is a main protagonist in Crepusculum Regnum.


Andy Jammer is an orphan from Earth, one of Profeta's chosen warriors and the first one to be gathered from Earth. Yeligar Maelstrom saved him from a gang attack and brought him to Allorum, where Profeta granted him a sword and his mission: defeat the Sumata XIII. Along the way he met Jasmine Louqe, a sage in training and soon his partner in traveling. Along the way they befriended Kara Samsra, the lost ice princess of Ghiaccio . The three of work together to defeat Trucido and his Sumata.

One Year LaterEdit


Andy Jammer, one year later.

When returned to Allorum Andy Jammer had to start anew with powers and form, given a new coat by Griever and two new swords Andy started his quest all over again.


Andy is rash, hot headed, and never backs down from a fight. Underneath the hotheadedness he has a caring heart, and will protect those who he call his friends. His personality has attracted the attention and affections of Jasmine Louqe, and eventually he began to become attracted to her as well. He seems to have a certain view on women though, notably he always refers to Lilith and Elexa as "Trucido's Bitches". He very much objected to Kara Samsra's battle wear, yet has never addressed the way Jasmine and Hala Louqe. Hinting that his view of a woman is someone decent and wearing respectable clothes.


  • Getusga Tenshou
  • Bankai- Tensa Zangetsu (Speed form), Hihio Zabimaru (power form), and Mirakumika (Element form).