The world that is connected to Earth. This planet is flowing in mana, increasing the ability of magic, and 'fantasy' attacks, according to Earth's standards. The planet has 14 kingdoms, and they are sperated by the different effect the terrain, example Tuono has more stormy weathers, while Santo-Luce is always sunny. Technology, however, is not as advance as Earth's, so cities and towns may look like Earth back in the Middle ages. Most people can only do like one spell at best, and other than that, they look like anyone from Earth. However, some people can cast huge fireballs, make waves destroy cities, and spill the ground. They are normally non-commoners, and rarely use their powers.


Crepusculum Kingdom
The kingdom of Twilight, this is the first kingdom that have sided and helped the heroes agains the Sumatas.

The kingdom of Nothingness, the land of salt. Very small population, and nearly unliviable conditions.

The kingdom of Darkness, and shadows. Their 'day' time is based on the moon rising and setting. When the moons sets, it is nearly impossible to see your hand in front of your face.

The kingdom of Light. This Kingdom opposites Nerezza, and seems to always be sunny here. It is also called the Holy kingdom.


The kingdom of water. This kingdom is connected to the water and the sea.

The kingdom of Ice. The kingdom is always cold, and is normally snowing here.

The kingdom of plants. This kingdom is covered in plants and respect their planet.

The kingdom of the Ground and Rocks. The hot and rocky area is the largest kingdom in the world.

The kingdom of Fire. This kingdom is always on fire, and is dangerous.

The kingdom of the Dead. This kingdom is a limbo on Allorum, and the king decides their fate.

The kingdom of the Winds. This kingdom is located in the mountains, and surrounded with temples.

The kingdom of the Moon and Space. This kingdom is covered in moonlight, and they believe that they come from the Moon, Ketuluna.

The kingdom of Lightning. This kingdom is the enemy of Ariadelvento, and has lost a mass part of the kingdom to them.

The kingdom of Steel. They live on metal platforms, and are a blood-loving people.