Alberisato, the kingdom of Plants, and the forest. Nemus Village, is the capital, that is in the canopy. They live together with Nature, and try to make little impact on this green kingdom


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There are 5 famous in Alberisato:

Nemus Village-A village that is high in the tree tops. The capital of Alberisato. There was an old stone city under where the current village is, but a former ruler wanted to live in the tree top, to see his entire kingdom.

God's Garden- A large field of every flower on the planet, is located here. There was a house that stood there, but it was burnt now. There is a sign that is placed there, and it readsThe former home of the Hiaten family. No one know who placed the sign there, but it is undisturbed.

Mother Tree-A tree that is about a mile high, and the tree is the oldest thing in this world. Legend has it that a apocalyptic weapon lives inside it, but every attempt to reach inside has been a failure.

Grassland- The Grassland, also called the Sea of Weeds, this place has some of the most beautiful and poisonous creatures and plants here. There are small group of trees surround springs, and are nickname Island. Villages live on or near these island

The Witch's Forest- A forest where the the branches interlock with each other, letting little light end. It is rumored that this forest used to be a town, and the lord of this town, knocked over a mighty witch. The witch was angry, and turned all of the people into trees. The witch is still rumored to live there.


Sumatas ArcEdit

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Saints ArcEdit

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Important PeopleEdit

Lilith Damnedblood-Reaper of the Woods- Current Queen of Alberisato
Lamuria Nerat- Captain of Alberisato
Herba Malicferum- Sorceress' heir- Hero